Thursday, 19 July 2007


Don't get me wrong. I don't object to motherhood per se. I certainly don't have a problem with all-sacrificing, 100% unadulterated love-incarnate, earth mother type motherhood either. My struggle is that that is the only kind of mothers I ever read about. The ones who spend their waking hours worrying about little Johnny's milk intolerance and blogging about how much poo little Sweety has deposited. I mean, where are all the real mothers? The ones who plonk their little ones in front of the telly so they may check out ex-boyfriends on orkut? The kind that sedate their non-coughing infant with Benadryl so that they can watch Sivaji in peace? The sort that secretly dream about adoption so that they don't have to go through morning-bloody-sickness again?

This is the blog for the so-called less than angelic mothers. The ones like me. Share your sordid stories here. The ones that are frowned upon elsewhere. Pour them out here. You are human after all. If you wish to remain anonymous, drop me a line at ammania@gmail and I will publish it for you. Come on, ladies. Join the cult. Yummy-mummies not allowed.


Blogeswari said...

Husband to wife after mailing for "Bad mama" post
NEE YENNA SONNA ? (on email)

Wife with a victorious "baadsha" style smile : "UNMAYA SONNEN"

Title track: Baadshi... Baadshi....

Inda blog too much.. Aaana unmaya irukku.Yes very frankly even I am not liking the "Sowcar Janaki" style paasatha pozhiyara writings of mummys.. Dont mistake me, eh

umm oviya said...

im in on this one! as umm oviya (in arabic translates as mother of oviya), i blog too...
but here is a tale just for the cult.
i sent my 5 and a half year old 6 weeks early to India. My husband and I are here... I miss her DREADFULLY. But am I horrible to admit that I am happy not to have to cook proper food everyday, have the luxury to go the gym when i want, to walk around half-naked during the day, and do whatever else grown-ups do when children are not around.
I am loving all that. But why do some supermoms think because I love that, I dont love my child?
... more rants to follow.
but so do identify with orkut point!!

The Marauder's Map said...

'But why do some supermoms think because I love that, I dont love my child?' Bang on!

Sue said...

(Standing up to be counted)

I'm in. But you know, for all that our blogs usually only display the nicer side of motherhood (ok, not mine, but most blogs do) it's probably because we are trying to psyche ourselves out of our usual homicidal tendencies.

Most of the mommy bloggers I meet in real life say so.

Anamika said...

:) i guess the moms who plonk the kids in front of the telly are too busy checking out ex boyfriends on orkut to blog about just that! which is why you never get to hear from them. has a fun mommy who really works hard to tire out her her baby so he falls asleep faster :)

meetu said...

Laughing out loud at the orkut comment!!

I think time spent away from my kids makes me a better mom during the time that I spend with my kids.

I sparingly use TV as the plopper againster but the kids go to day care on the days they have holiday at school, so that I can continue work.

I refuse to make my life all about my kids because before I can say, " My child will be sixteen in eleven years" he will be sixteen and then I wouldn't know what to do with myself (except fuss over them and irritate the living hell out of them!)