Thursday, 19 July 2007

"Mom, I have to pee"

My contribution to the 'cult of bad mama' is below. Thanks for giving me a place to confess and vent! For now I would like to be anonymous.


It was 10:15pm. We were still two hours from home and very tired. I just wanted to get home when my three year old, potty trained child tells me
"Mom, I have to pee"
I had no energy to stop the car and take her to the gas station to pee. So I tell her
"You have a pull up on, you can pee in it, if you have to"
"That is not ok mom, I have to pee in the toilet"
"No da kannamma, mommy is very tired and just for this once it is ok"
"But I have to pee in the toilet"
Months of my own potty training mantra seemed unreasonable to me . But taking an exit, stopping at a gas station, making my little one pee all seemed too daunting. So I tell her
"It is very late kanna, you sleep, we'll be home soon" I thought that would be my redemption. If she pees in her sleep, it is nobody's fault. Well that did happen. The fact that the next day I had to wash the car seat and febreeze the car because the pullup did not hold is a completely different story!

-someone's mummy