Friday, 20 July 2007

"I know I'm bad! I'm bad! I know it!"

You know the thing they say about sleeping like a baby? And how only a person who never had a child could have made a completely off-the-mark, asinine statement like that? I mean, we all know babies wake up just as we're about to drop off, right? And that they take ages to fall asleep, especially when you had planned to go out, take a bath, get a pedicure; in short, every time you were on the verge of reminding yourself that you had another avatar in the BC era (Before Child).

What I like to to do, now that that time is mercifully behind me is, hand my now seven year old son to my parents some Saturday evening, and go out with a bunch of friends who, some of them, have to remind themselves that I'm a mom. In the middle of some smoke-filled pub, with a drink in my hand and people singing tunelessly to Summer of 69, I enjoy the sensation of not having to make my son sleep. Not having to lie next to him afraid the smallest creak of the bed will wake him up.

The best thing about being a mom is to have a kid at an age when each one's need for the other is in perfect balance: when he can be at a friend's house and you aren't consumed with anxiety; when you can go out of town for three days and he's happy in the knowledge that you'll be back.


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