Thursday, 19 July 2007

"I've already struck a deal"

Dear Ammani,

Cultofbadmama is a good idea. I know what you mean. There are too many angelic mothers in the blogworld. :-)

But there is a difference between bad parenting and being a human being. In fact, some bad parenting is justified under mom/dad-knows-best or I-so-raise-my-child-with-so-much-love by angelic mothers/dads. Chocolate/sugar feeding parents is one basic example. I'm not an angelic mother for sure. I have already struck a deal with my husband that at anytime of my life if I want to walk away from our marriage, the child shouldn't be a binding factor. I am prepared to leave the child with him and walk away from everything. I briefly thought about adopting if only to escape pregnancy. But soon found out that adoption was even more difficult than pregnancy. So I decided to have one of my own.