Friday, 20 July 2007

"Do I pass?"

I request you to kindly consider this recent post of mine as a Pillayaar Suzhi to this cult. Do I pass? I solemnly swear I would try to do better(or is it worse?) next time! :)


"After all they are kids"

This story is pretty similar to the passenger list-checking-parent.Whenever husband and I are on a long flight, the first thing we check for is junta around us.
Kids below 2.. *sigh..* - *no no* .
Let me admit that nothing can be more irritating than a kid screaming on flight. Now I can already see yummy-mummies with broom sticks saying "After all they are kids.. the take off-landing makes them scream. Kids are kids .. What do you know etc etc.
Guys, am being very honest. It is irritating.. It really is. But over the years, we have realised that it is better to have two screaming with us us than one Gujarati / Punjabi.


"I know I'm bad! I'm bad! I know it!"

You know the thing they say about sleeping like a baby? And how only a person who never had a child could have made a completely off-the-mark, asinine statement like that? I mean, we all know babies wake up just as we're about to drop off, right? And that they take ages to fall asleep, especially when you had planned to go out, take a bath, get a pedicure; in short, every time you were on the verge of reminding yourself that you had another avatar in the BC era (Before Child).

What I like to to do, now that that time is mercifully behind me is, hand my now seven year old son to my parents some Saturday evening, and go out with a bunch of friends who, some of them, have to remind themselves that I'm a mom. In the middle of some smoke-filled pub, with a drink in my hand and people singing tunelessly to Summer of 69, I enjoy the sensation of not having to make my son sleep. Not having to lie next to him afraid the smallest creak of the bed will wake him up.

The best thing about being a mom is to have a kid at an age when each one's need for the other is in perfect balance: when he can be at a friend's house and you aren't consumed with anxiety; when you can go out of town for three days and he's happy in the knowledge that you'll be back.


Thursday, 19 July 2007

"Mom, I have to pee"

My contribution to the 'cult of bad mama' is below. Thanks for giving me a place to confess and vent! For now I would like to be anonymous.


It was 10:15pm. We were still two hours from home and very tired. I just wanted to get home when my three year old, potty trained child tells me
"Mom, I have to pee"
I had no energy to stop the car and take her to the gas station to pee. So I tell her
"You have a pull up on, you can pee in it, if you have to"
"That is not ok mom, I have to pee in the toilet"
"No da kannamma, mommy is very tired and just for this once it is ok"
"But I have to pee in the toilet"
Months of my own potty training mantra seemed unreasonable to me . But taking an exit, stopping at a gas station, making my little one pee all seemed too daunting. So I tell her
"It is very late kanna, you sleep, we'll be home soon" I thought that would be my redemption. If she pees in her sleep, it is nobody's fault. Well that did happen. The fact that the next day I had to wash the car seat and febreeze the car because the pullup did not hold is a completely different story!

-someone's mummy

"I use to check passenger list"

"Whenever I had to make an overnight journey by train in India, before boarding the train, I would read the passenger list that is usually pasted outside the compartment. This was to make sure that there were no kids travelling with me. If I found that there was going to be one, then I would see if I could in anyway change my seat. The noise and the crying would make it impossible to sleep at night. I think the only reason I tolerate my children is because they are mine. Horrible but true. "

"I've already struck a deal"

Dear Ammani,

Cultofbadmama is a good idea. I know what you mean. There are too many angelic mothers in the blogworld. :-)

But there is a difference between bad parenting and being a human being. In fact, some bad parenting is justified under mom/dad-knows-best or I-so-raise-my-child-with-so-much-love by angelic mothers/dads. Chocolate/sugar feeding parents is one basic example. I'm not an angelic mother for sure. I have already struck a deal with my husband that at anytime of my life if I want to walk away from our marriage, the child shouldn't be a binding factor. I am prepared to leave the child with him and walk away from everything. I briefly thought about adopting if only to escape pregnancy. But soon found out that adoption was even more difficult than pregnancy. So I decided to have one of my own.



Don't get me wrong. I don't object to motherhood per se. I certainly don't have a problem with all-sacrificing, 100% unadulterated love-incarnate, earth mother type motherhood either. My struggle is that that is the only kind of mothers I ever read about. The ones who spend their waking hours worrying about little Johnny's milk intolerance and blogging about how much poo little Sweety has deposited. I mean, where are all the real mothers? The ones who plonk their little ones in front of the telly so they may check out ex-boyfriends on orkut? The kind that sedate their non-coughing infant with Benadryl so that they can watch Sivaji in peace? The sort that secretly dream about adoption so that they don't have to go through morning-bloody-sickness again?

This is the blog for the so-called less than angelic mothers. The ones like me. Share your sordid stories here. The ones that are frowned upon elsewhere. Pour them out here. You are human after all. If you wish to remain anonymous, drop me a line at ammania@gmail and I will publish it for you. Come on, ladies. Join the cult. Yummy-mummies not allowed.