Wednesday, 8 August 2007

"She missed out on brushing her teeth"

Ever since I had my second baby, the first one, who is now 3.5 yrs old, gets neglected every once in a while. More so because it is summer and she is running wild in the back yard with the neighbors' kids. If she plays with the water hose, it is counted as a bath. If she eats mac and cheese at the neighbors, it is a meal. If she plays dress up with her friends and her hair looks more like a clippy stand than anything else, then I don't bother combing her hair. But in all this she missed out on brushing her teeth one day.

It was one of those crazy days, when the baby was cranky, I had to run errands and brushing her teeth was the last thing on my mind. Finally at 10:30pm when I thought I was done with the day, the little one wakes up and says "Ma, I need to brush my teeth, it feels all gooey". I was tired and told her she can do it in the morning. She lays back and after a few minutes, goes to daddy dearest and says, "Appa, I need to brush my teeth". Daddy drops everything he is doing and gives her a crash course in oral hygiene, all with pictures of decayed teeth from the web. Now everyday, she walks about sermonizing me with "Amma did you brush your teeth. You will get otta (hole) in your teeth if you don't." Ellam Neram!

- kannamma's amma


anja said...
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anja said...

haha poor neglected girl, funny post kanna's amma. Thanks Ammani for this venting is my entry:

I may post anonymously on really bad days=)

augustya said...

hi kanna's amma

really funny post


its actually kind of nice, since i have first hand experienced problems with my teeth..... just regularly brushing them - morning ^ night does wonders for ur oral hygiene...& u will never have to go to a dentist

keep writing


shanecastane said...
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