Wednesday, 8 August 2007

"Hi manni, how r u ppl ?"

Am not married and no kids too. But having born in a big family have been with a lot of kids around me (niece, nephews ). Would like to post one annoying experience with the kids and especially with those angel-like mothers and fathers. Both are to be blamed in this regard.
( Scene on a lovely sunday morning 7am, me lying half awake in bed) Mom: hey sri, why dont you call up your brother and talk to him, u missed his call yesterday . We dint want to wake you up , he made a late night call.

Me: ya mom.. i'l do it. But anything notable in their call ?
Mom: You know what,itseems ananya (brother's cute daughter) has started talking small words. and has begun to identify stuffs around her. your dad must be enjoying there
Me: (forced to call , Start talking to my Sis-in-law) Hi manni, how r u ppl ? how is dad there. is he enjoying the place ?
Bhaabhi : Ya sri.. and guess what ananya has got along well with her thaatha (grandfather). wait i'l give the phone to ananya, she'l tel u
Me : ????? (what's going on , how will a 10month old talk to me ,am i dreaming)
Baby : taata... (thatha) (her mom prompting from behind , athai sollu ) tattaaii... ..( and the list goes on)
Me: (Goddamn, manni, am on an ISD call.. Y dont u tell me those words and put the phone down.. ) oh good sweety.. give to daddy.
Brother: hey sri.another news i've got a new pet dog at home. its a pug .. yaa .. the same breed which comes for hutch. i want to hear it ...Hey cosmo... say hello to sri... "Bow ... Bow..."
Me: (OH NO NOT AGAIN ... ) *Furious with the barks*
A plead from me to all mothers dont let ur kids talk over phone unless they start talking properly. its seriously annoying to hear them say some crap while on an ISD call.
A plead from me to all mothers dont let ur kids talk over phone unless they start talking properly. its seriously annoying to hear them say some crap while on an ISD call.


TribleS said...

yes i do find kids irritating sometimes ,like during bus/train journeys.Nevertheless i live kids very much

Anonymous said...

ha ha.. have experienced this before.Thank you for this post

uma said...

Hai my sweety,
very nice,keep it up.

ggop said...

LOL :-)
I feel for you. Sometimes I would call friend to talk to them (not their infants) and they would do the same thing. Do people put you on speaker phone before you can protest/hang up?

Anonymous said...

when u become a mother then u will join the yummy mummy group.

Guevara G said...

I have a 1 year old daughter named Ananya but her Atthai's thankfully don't react the way Sri reacts.

After all what are (close) relatives for.

Anonymous said...

I perfectly agree with what Sri says, though I do have kids of my own. C'mon, just because you find your kids chooo chweet, why should the rest of the world agree with you? And pay for it (extra ISD bills)?

Guevara, don't be too sure of what your sis-in-laws think in private ;-)


Ram said...

i have a daughter just less than two and have the flip side of the problem.

Here is a scene, putting her to sleep, 10.30p.m., phone goes, 'is M...there?', says the Thatha! 'I want to talk to her now', 'enakku hello...' springs the daughter from the bed...there, another late night for us...and then the ISD call from the distant Mama, 'I heard she has started naming things, she can recite alphabets?...wanted to hear her voice...', that's at 7 a.m., evening for him at the other end of the world, certainly not yet day break for my daughter!

The Visitor said...

.Hey cosmo... say hello to sri... "Bow ... Bow..."

LOL - I can identify with that - we do it all the time. :D Result is that our family has been ostracised. And we dont have painful visits from relatives and the like ;)

prakash said...

a blog for the modern day CK Saraswathis and Lalita Pawars? :-)

enna kodumai saravaNan ithu?

AMIT said...

Yeah we are good.

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