Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Of Momzillas and the like...

....I am bored to death with talking, hearing and reading about motherhood. I know all about the war between working mothers and women who stay at home with their children (though I see little real evidence of it). I'm fed up with snotty message-board posts. I'm tired of Yummy Mummies, Alpha Mommies, Rock-Star Mommas, Momzillas and MILFs (Moms I'd Like to F---). I've begun to dread mommy-lit novels, including the latest entry, "Slummy Mummy."

The rest of it here.

Thanks Shoefiend and Anone for alerting me to it.


Broom said...

i REALLY don't want to read about your potty training & burping schedules with your child.
baby pics? sure.
baby anecdotes? definitely.
baby poop & puke. NO NO NO NO!

AMIT said...

It seems u r not updating blog.

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